Edible Schoolyard

Edible Schoolyard - Alice Waters Great inspiration for teachers and anyone else who wants to do good for the world. I will recommend this when people want a book for a child's teacher or a new education school graduate. While I enjoyed reading it, I wish it had more hands-on DIY information, especially things like lesson plans and details about division of labor among the different classes. I guess the whole concept is that your garden plan (and everything that follows) will be uniques to your climate, and there are plenty of gardening books out there. Obviously a school in Washington or Arizona will not have the same climate and planting/harvesting schedule as Berkley. But a bit more in the way of strategy would have been a great addition.I applaud the folks who put this project in motion, and those who kept it in motion over the past 10+ years.It's a slim volume for $24.95, but if it inspires a few people to follow this path, it must be worth it. Here's hoping they'll make a paperback edition soon.