How to Cook a Wolf

How to Cook a Wolf - M. F. K. Fisher For years I've known I should read MFK Fisher, but I never realized she'd be funny. She touches on topics like fuel conservation and how to make the best of the whole animal that are back in style today, all with a sharp self-deprecating wit. The text is informative, but the prose is the star here. This edition also has the magic touch of the author's notes, written 12 years after the first publication, making a wonderful book even better!p. 57: "I can make amazingly bad fried eggs, and in spite of what people tell me about this method and that, I continue to make amazingly bad fried eggs: tough, with edges like some kind of dirty starched lace, and a taste part sulphur and part singed newspaper. The best way to find a trustworthy method, I think, is to ask anyone but me."