Booze Cakes

Booze Cakes: Confections Spiked with Spirits, Wine, and Beer - Krystina Castella, Terry Lee Stone The Rum & Coke Whoopie Pies were a big hit, made better by lots of jokes about makin' whoopie. The cakes didn't flatten out, so the finished product was almost spherical. I used the larger amount of rum in the filling (of course!), and the pies started to slide apart pretty quickly. I added extra powdered sugar to thicken the filling - it was pourable at first - and I refrigerated them soon after assembly. I froze a few too, and they tasted almost like ice cream sandwiches. YUM!In general the recipes seem sparse on details (example:"bake 30 minutes" without indicating what the cake will look like when it's done), but the experienced baker shouldn't have trouble making them work. I also like the section at the back that gives recipes for homemade liqueurs and garnishes. I'll definitely try other recipes from this book. Update, a 14 months later: I'm frustrated with the lack of an index. I still make the whoopie pies, but I have only made one other recipe from this book, which was a bit of a flop. It's worth it for the whoopie, though.