I don't care about football, but I love this book!

Monsters: The 1985 Chicago Bears and the Wild Heart of Football - Rich Cohen

When I was 12, Mom & I watched the Bears' first 1985 preseason game, having heard they'd be good that year, and they just kept winning right through the Superbowl.  We watched every game.  I watched The Superbowl Shuffle video over and over, reveling in the characters that comprised this unique team. I think I've watched less than a dozen football games since.


When I saw this book (due out in hardcover in October 2013), I picked it up out of nostalgia, thinking I'd read a few chapters and lose interest.  Now I'm 5 chapters in and learning all sorts of stuff about the history of the NFL, the Bears organization, Papa Bear Halas and his innovations.  The writing is engaging, and my limited knowledge of football hasn't hindered my enjoyment.