Bone: One Volume Edition: 1 (Bone Series)

Bone - Jeff Smith I read this series many years ago and was prompted to revisit them recently when an 8-year-old friend (who is reading well above his grade level) expressed an interest. I had read them in college and loved them, but I didn't remember much about the content. I wanted to make sure they weren't inappropriate before I passed them on. My conclusion is that I'll wait a year or two, but only because I think he will appreciate them more. I noticed one or two scenes that had some implied out-of-the-frame sexual potential (Fone Bone & Thorn naked in the spring together), but there is certainly nothing graphic, and a kid probably wouldn't notice it. Overall this is top-notch storytelling that balances writing and art brilliantly. The subtle shifts of expression in some of the sequences are surprisingly effectve. Adults should not be put off by the cartoony art - there is a lot for everyone to enjoy in this epic adventure tale.